Create: The gourmet doughnut

Or is it donut???

The gourmet doughnut/donut is a thing. It has been for some time now. Has it replaced the cupcake? At 16|28 we say no, but the doughnut/donut has definitely elbowed it’s way in and made space for itself on that popularity shelf. The Thrillist has published a list of the 21 most delicious versions from across the country. Team 16|28 can only vouch for one (for now anyway). The Tres Leches option at Doughnut Plant in NYC is DELISH! No complaints what so ever. And thanks to this list, one of us will need to make a run to GBD in DC to scoop up a Bourbon Butterscotch Glazed Brioche with Bacon! Bacon folks! Bacon on a doughnut/donut!

Why are we fans of the gourmet doughnut/donut? Well the main reason is they taste great! But really, when done right they are prime examples of creativity and innovation. This fusion of the seemingly incompatible that somehow works.

Long live the doughnut/donut. . . Or at least unit the next sweet revolution!

Glazed with Bacon from GBD.

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Collaboration: Banksy x New York

Collaboration: Banksy x New York