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What's in a name? There's a reason there are more than 33,000 results for baby naming books available on Amazon. Your name helps define you. It's how you are first introduced to the world. Parents labor and strategize over those monikers for a reason. The same thought goes into picking a brand or company name. How does it sound? Does it make sense? Will it catch on? Is it unique? Will my customers get it? You want to get it right. Many companies will employ a brand strategist to help guide this decision. Some choose a name based on more intuitive and practical measures. While for others the name has a more personal and intimate origin.

At 16|28 we've played the role of brand strategist helping a young photography business rebrand with a name that truly captured the essence of the owners vision. It was a fun, yet nail biting experience to be trusted with such an important decision. One that we can't wait to experience again!

We are in the business of establishing connections and in order to establish a more personal connection with you we wanted to explain the meaning behind our name. What exactly is a 16|28? Why those numbers? Was it random? Why numbers at all? Glad you asked!

16|28 represents two very special people. The end results of our owners best collaboration to date! The sixteen and the twenty-eight are the birth dates of her two children! Our company strives to match their energy, creativity and wonder for life. We work hard to make them proud! So there you have it. We fall into the highly personal bucket and we would not have it any other way.

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